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C-Rocks are buffered with 9 bioessential minerals.

Non-acidic formula.  Potent antioxidant.

500 mg Vitamin C + 112 mg minerals per tablet..

Promotes Iron absorption.

Provides the ascorbate cofactor for 8 essential enzyme functions.

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SuperNova C "C-Rocks" is a non-acidic vitamin C supplement buffered with 9 bioessential minerals.  C-Rocks mineral ascorbates supply trace minerals Cr, Se, and Mo, forged only in supernova explosions.  Over 99.9% of mammals synthesize mineral ascorbates, averaging ~7 grams per 154 pounds per day.  Humans have lost this ability, and thus require daily dietary intake of mineral ascorbates for optimum health.


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Mineral ascorbates are readily absorbed, gentle on the stomach, and well-tolerated at high doses.

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