Want some Vitamin C that really rocks? You’ve come to the right place! C-Rocks mineral ascorbate vitamin C is buffered with minerals essential for life. Over 99% of mammals (excluding humans) synthesize vitamin C as mineral ascorbates. Compared with pfizer-owned emergen C, C-Rocks costs less, has no sugar and requires no mixing. Vitamin C supports a strong immune system and provides a plethora of health benefits*.


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Now available throughout the Bitterroot at Pattee Creek Market, Burnt Fork Market, and Hamilton’s Marketplace.


Buffered with 9 minerals absolutely required by humans, our vitamin C mimics the free-radical scavenging, enzyme-binding “active” mineral ascorbate form of vitamin C synthesized by 99.9% of all mammals. Ingestion of ascorbic acid increases stomach acidity (if it ever deprotonates to the “active” ascorbate form).
No quercetin or other bioflavonoids shown to block SVCT and GLUT vitamin C transporters.
We stabilize the negative charge on the “active” ascorbate form of vitamin C with positively charged minerals, with a physiologically optimal ratio of essential minerals.
Sodium-dependent vitamin C transporters (SVCT’s) in the stomach acquire vitamin C as ascorbate and function best near the neutral pH promoted by mineral ascorbates. No bioflavonoids such as quercetin, an antioxidant shown to block vitamin C uptake into multiple cell types and the the brain. No glucose to compete with vitamin C transporters. Additionally, ascorbate promotes dietary Iron absorption.
Glucose can induce harmful AGE (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) and competes for cellular import and recycling of vitamin C using glucose transporters. Over 99% of all mammals (excluding humans) convert glucose into mineral ascorbates. Some 50 million years ago, we lost the ability to make vitamin C. Copious vitamin C in ancient plant-based diets likely covered for mutations that destroyed the DNA coding for the last enzyme in our vitamin C pathway. Corrected for weight, the average mammal synthesizes as much mineral-ascorbate vitamin C in one day as humans ingest in 3 months when ingesting the US Recommended Daily Allowance. For optimal health of primates requires 2 grams of vitamin C for every 70 kg of body weight each day.